We save you time and money by sourcing hotels for meetings and using our expertise to negotiate the best value on your behalf. Site selection is about more than simply choosing a venue for your upcoming meeting. It’s about finding a good fit in terms of location, amenities, style, activities, dining choices, and—of course—costs.

On Point provides a complimentary site selection process from start to finish, according to your specifications and budget, so you not only get time back in your day—you look good for getting things done right.


  • We research potential venues for your meeting, leveraging proven relationships with hotels and resorts you can trust to provide excellent service.
  • We negotiate the hotel contract on your behalf before you sign, and our fees are paid directly from the venue you ultimately select.
  • We can also connect you with external vendors, from audiovisual companies to destination management companies, to ensure every need is met.


  • Experience. We’ve worked on hotel contracts for over 20 years—so you’re adding a professional negotiator to your team.
  • Expertise. We have extensive knowledge of today’s hottest meeting sites, from high-end luxury resorts to business travel properties.
  • Ease. By enabling you to work with one person instead of juggling multiple hotel contacts, we save you valuable time and effort.
  • Efficiency. We include complimentary venue sourcing and hotel contract negotiation in our planning process, which saves you money.

Have a meeting to plan?

Who we serve:

  • Time-strapped executives
  • Short-staffed meeting planners
  • Budget-conscious companies
  • Busy administrative assistants
  • Anyone needing a hotel group rate

Past clients include:

  • Fortune-500 companies
  • Associations & membership groups
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Professional & collegiate sports teams
  • Celebrities